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​* Members get discounts on their services up to 15%*

One Plus +                                                                  $20.50

Nanny with their child(ren) who comes and provides child care

for your children. Great for families with only children.

Nanny /Sitter                                                             $20.00

Nanny/ Sitter with 5 plus years experience. Who has experience

with toddlers through teens. 

Super Nanny /Super Sitter                                         $26.00

Nanny with 10 Plus years experience. Infant care, special needs care,

and up to 4 children per family. These are the best trained most experienced Nannies.

* add additional children from another family by Nanny Share add on *

Domestic Manager                                                    $33.00

Super Nanny who cares for children and also helps manage

household operation Cleaning, organizing, managing household staff. 

Overnight Care  

*10pm-6 am                                                         $150.00

*Full Day 5 and under (up to 24 hr/calendar day)  $ 350.00

* Full Day 5 and Older(up to 24 hr/calendar day)   $275.00                                      

Park City/ SLC Care Menu

​*If you don't see anyone available check all availability

or please feel free to wait list / text us to schedule 435-901-9598​

We would be more than happy to get you scheduled.