Brokerage Service Inquiry

​​​​What Type of Qubercare ChildCare is the

best fit for our family?

We understand families have different needs so we have provided the following options of care available through Qubercare.

We offer both online scheduling (occasional care needs) You can schedule a nanny, super nanny, sitter, or parents helper through our online scheduling. 

Care Provider Brokerage Services. (Contract with Full or Part-Time Care Provider) ​Finding the perfect fit is the first step in finding amazing childcare for your family. For our brokerage service we require a 100% refundable retainer. Once retained, we source, background check and check references for applicants for your position. Once hired the brokerage retainer is applied towards the quarterly commission of5%

( for the term on one year) 

To inquire about finding a contracted child care provider

All care providers are CPR and First Aid Certified, have had a background check and provided numerous references. We have found the best of the best to take care of your most precious assets, your children. 

*Super Nanny*  For occasional needs or just a night out -This option is our most highly qualified and skilled Care Providers. These Nannies have 10 plus years experience and are the best Qubercare has to offer. These Care Providers are the best choice for multiple young children and infants or groups of children up to four. A Super Nanny provides learning opportunities for your child(ren) while providing a positive and healthy environment. The Super Nanny can also help for various house hold duties, to help your home run smoothly. 

*Nanny* This care option is great for parents who are mostly out of the home and need full care for their children. A nanny is a care provider who provides daily care for your children including, dressing, cooking, feeding, cleaning dishes, educational activities, coordinating social activities, laundry, maintaining clean/ safe environment, shopping and errands. Generally, a nanny is a household employee and it is suggested they be provided with salary plus benefits. We work with you to find a nanny who fits your families needs and negotiate a contract that is beneficial to both parties. 
​Online scheduling with a Nanny is a great option for families with children under 3 years of age as they have higher levels of experience.

*One Plus * : This care option is great for parents who have an only child or who want to get the best value of care for their children. One plus is a parent who has a child (ren) they bring with them to care for your child or children. This option proves to be a win-win situation as it provides parents an option that is more economically friendly while providing playmates for your children. 

*Group Care/Nanny Share* : This option is best for families who want to maximize their childcare budget. Hosting a party and want to provide child care? This option is for you!  Qubercare coordinates with multiple families who have similar needs to work with a nanny to provide care for the families.  We work with you to determine the best ratio ( most often 1:3 as most cars only accommodate 3 backseat passengers) and organize the care schedule for everyone. A wonderful option for children and parents alike. Group Care is not scheduled online but you can call to schedule and is available through our Brokerage service. 

*Nanny/Sitter*: This care option is great for parents who need occasional care for a date night or other time away from the kids. We have a variety of care professionals who would be an amazing fit for your family. We have a variety of care providers with various levels of experience and subsequently various rates. Sitters can also provide overnight care for your children at a flat rate per night. We recommend that families with younger (children 3 or younger) or Special needs children choose a Nanny or SuperNanny as they are providers who have the most years experience and training specific to your child'd needs.  A sitter is the best option for families with 1-4 children 3 years old or older.